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One of the beautiful streams.

Natoavatu Plantation is 5461 acres in size.

Freehold - Fee Simple Parcel.


This is the largest block of land for sale in Fiji at this time. There is watershed via freshwater streams, springs and waterfalls. Rolling farmland and timber. It has an extremely large coastline. This opportunity is extremely rare in Fiji since the property is so large and the price is extremely fair. This is a multi-use property . One can build a coastal resort only 90 minutes from the airport in Savusavu or use the land for either commercial farming or ECO tours. Natoavatu is owned by the original family since the late 1800's with the title reflecting "The Trustees for the colony of Fiji of the Church of England".

To make arrangements to review the property or if you have additional questions, please contact me.

The land is volcanic in origin and sits on a coral reef, the edge of the reef being located approximately 400 meters from the shore, and is surrounded by clear blue protected water up to 20 meters deep. It is a very prolific reef with an abundance of sea life. 

The land is covered with mahogany, cheramoya, java plum, VaiVai tree (monkeypod) , African tulip, frangipani, Noni Plant ( Noni juice), mango trees and scattered coconut trees. Volcanic rock boulders are also exposes along the shoreline.







Fiji being the hub of the South Pacific is well advanced in telecommunication and information technology.  The telecommunication network is linked up to the rest of the world.

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